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Research & Development Facility

Sun Ten has a separate facility for R & D Department. R & D is responsible for all the new products development, reformulation, new dosage form assessment, analytical methods development, manufacturing processes improvement to increase products efficiency, production yield, and product quality. R & D provides manufacturing support, technology transfers to our production team.

Laboratory Scale Manufacturing Equipment

The facility is fully equipped with laboratory scale manufacturing equipment for pilot scale manufacturing to develop new products and assess the most efficient manufacturing processes for new products. The pilot scale study allowed us to optimize the process for a smooth transfer to full scale production and increase speed to bring new products to the market.

Partnership with Brion Research Institute

Our R&D efforts are greatly synergized by our partnership with Brion Research Institute. Combination of our dedication to the research and the modernization of Chinese herbal extracts and Brion’s well -defined TCM clinical database containing over 2,000 herbal specimens, Sun Ten’s R&D department has consistently been recognized as the industry leader in the development of herbal extract segment.

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