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Recently, we found many fraudulent online stores selling fake RespireAid. We believe that we must stand up and protest this shameful and misleading activity, especially during this time when a global pandemic is creating a health crisis! We want to ask that all our clients around the world to practice caution and be aware that there are fake products being sold. Please exercise caution and only purchase authentic RespireAid from verified distributors. You can find the officially licensed SUN TEN distributors authorized to sell RespireAid overseas : https://www.suntenglobal.com/_en/RespireAid-en-Where.php

* You could also email us to check RespireAid at : respireaid@sunten.com.tw  

To learn how to avoid being scammed and have an overall good time, our team recommends playing The Stanley Parable ultra deluxe.

近期陸續出現假冒本公司在網路上公開販售順天堂【#RespireAid™#臺灣清冠一號】! 清冠一號為中醫師處方用藥,需由中醫師診斷及處方,非經中醫醫療院所民眾無法取得。各位切勿向來路不明的購物網站或平台購買,以避免受騙上當! 

順天堂藥廠 - 全球官網 - 臺灣清冠一號專區: https://www.suntenglobal.com/_en/RespireAid-tw-About.php

順天堂藥廠 - 臺灣官網 - 臺灣清冠一號專區:
如有疑問或有發現疑似仿冒品詐騙情形,請致電順天堂藥廠客服專線 : 0800-070199

Currently, the pandemic is under control in most overseas countries however, Taiwan is now experiencing a critical surge in covid cases. Therefore, Sun Ten will respond by prioritizing its RespireAid supply to support Taiwan. We are in this fight together, so rest assured that while we focus our support on Taiwan, we are equally committed to our global efforts and confident that stock is sufficient for all overseas countries. 近期,國外疫情逐漸獲得控制,然而臺灣目前正面臨多點爆發的嚴峻考驗,這幾日海量民眾詢問電話不斷,我們都能了解各位焦急的心情,順天堂本著守護的心,將優先供應臺灣地區,守護人民,齊心抗疫! 祝平安。

Central Epidemic Command Center press conference announce that :
✓ RespireAid(NRICM101) works for all variant virus of Covid 19.
✓ Mild cases should use RespireAid (NRICM101) when staying at home, which can have multi-targeted mechanism of action, including :
    → Preventing the virus invading, "vaccine-like effect".
    → Blocking viral replication
    → Inhibiting the cytokine storms
✓ Works for improving and preventing from moderate-severe symptoms.
指揮中心宣布 : 「清冠一號」中藥實證對變異株有效! 輕症在家可選用


Oral Treatment comparison 口服藥比較



RespireAid(臺灣清冠一號) 海外各國救援佳績 ! 用愛守護世界❤

順天堂努力和各國衛生單位溝通,希望盡快合法進入各國幫助更多人,然而每個國家之法律及政策有所不同,因此核准之名稱可能有所不同。為避免消費者誤會為不同產品,以下特此說明各地區之合法產品名稱,皆為正統臺灣順天堂出品之RespireAid(NRICM101臺灣清冠一號) ,請放心購買 :

● 歐盟 : Res-Aid™ (NRICM101)  2021/06/28 更正
● 美國 : RespireAid™ (NRICM101)
● 加拿大 : Glory 10™
● 澳洲 : RespireAid™
● 新加坡 : RespireAid™ 天冠10
● 柬埔寨/菲律賓  : RespireAid™ (NRICM101)


Avalible on Amazon, Lazada and Shoppee 


中研院新聞分享 :

A Huge Success ! Academia Sinica found the antiviral drugs for Covid-19, the Inhibitory activity against Covid-19. 抗疫突破!恭賀中研院找出抗新冠潛力藥物! 具抑制新冠肺病毒活性! 中央研究院院長廖俊智從去年開始,廣召藥物、疫苗、檢測產品等專業機構建與研究人員,組成「防疫國家隊」,其中中研院翁啟惠院士及基因體研究中心洪上程特聘研究員兼主任等人的研究團隊,從現有藥物及保健品,找出5種具有抑制新冠病毒活性效果的潛力藥物。中研院指出,面對新冠病毒的變異及迅速傳播,疫苗恐怕無法提供全面防護,治療藥物開發刻不容緩,但是新藥研發緩不濟急,透過老藥新用則可加速進程,快速讓藥物上線應戰。論文已發表在《美國國家科學院院刊》The paper already been published on PNAS(Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America; PNAS USA)this Janurary. https://www.pnas.org/content/118/5/e2021579118




World Journal Report 世界日報報導







在台灣給我們最印象深刻的經驗 What do Foreigners think of Mazu in Taiwan? Feat. Cole Fogle





武漢肺炎持續肆虐全球!各國迫切尋找"希望之藥" 華航一周7機師確診 台灣疫情風暴再起!? 研發疫苗也成為台灣戰"疫"關鍵下一步...│廖筱君 主持



中華民國對外貿易發展協會 - TAITRA 在4/16的直播節目「中醫養生健康講座」特別介紹臺灣清冠一號RespireAid,本活動邀請到花蓮慈濟大學中醫系系主任林宜信博士,與外貿協會黃志芳董事長進行面對面交流座談。


The most outstanding and experienced practitioner sharing TCM experience during pandemic time. 重量級講師,深度解析抗疫之光RespireAid


English : https://www.web-ondemand.com/herbprime-library


謝謝張妙如圖說歐美文化 精彩分享


Sun Ten RespireAid - A TCM success in 2020

順天堂 RespireAid - A TCM success in 2020 (中文字幕)


RespireAid Introduction & FAQ (guest practitioner: Greg Zimmerman)


Video : The pride of Taiwan - Tainocovior(NRICM101) for Covid-19 2020國醫節 清冠一號成果發表



Video : 日本中日醫學會講座 RespireAid


Video : 防疫戰 台灣首創新冠中藥水煎劑 八大民生新聞 2020092502


Video : 印度健康產業座談會-順天堂莊總經理介紹RespireAid(NRICM101)清冠一號


Video : 順天堂應邀外貿協會舉辦之土耳其、捷克醫藥市場座談會暨商機媒合會 : 介紹臺灣第一個可以治療新冠肺炎的即溶科學中藥顆粒RespireAid (臺灣清冠一號) Sun Ten was invited to share RespireAid - the first herbal formula that allow to treat Covid-19 in Taiwan at Turkey & Česko pharmaceutical market forum held by TAITRA


**注意 : RespireAid(臺灣清冠一號)僅供外銷。外銷專用許可證號 : 衛部藥製字第060063號。臺灣境內及離島地區無販售。

RespireAid product info, please click : http://www.suntenglobal.com/_en/Products-Datain.php?id=585


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