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How can I purchase Sun Ten products if there aren’t Sun Ten distributors where the country I live ?

Currently, Sun Ten has distribution partners in USA, Canada, Switzerland, England, Malaysia, Singapore, and Macau. Customer could contact nearby Sun Ten distribution partners regarding Sun Ten product purchase if no Sun Ten distributor in your country now. For example, consumers in South East Asia region could contact Sun Ten Malaysia or Singapore companies to purchase Sun Ten TCM or ask for friends help who living in the countries where Sun Ten distributors located.

Could Sun Ten Taiwan ship the TCM product internationally?

In Taiwan, Sun Ten TCM granules products are regarded as medicine, therefore, Sun Ten could not directly sell to end user, nor mail the granules product to global consumer. Please consult with our Sun Ten global distribution partners regarding qualified TCM channel for Sun Ten products. Sun Ten distribution partner contact information could be found as follows: Our distributors

Can I order your products on line or by mail?

Currently Sun Ten headquarter do not accept online or mail order. You can contact our local distributors to purchase the products.

Where can I buy Sun Ten products?
Customers in Taiwan can purchase Sun Ten TCM products from major Chinese herbal medicine pharmacies and shops. For global customers, please consult with Sun Ten distributors. Currently, Sun Ten has distribution partners in USA, Canada, Switzerland, England, Malaysia, Singapore, and Macau. However, due to the regulation issue, Sun Ten and Sun Ten distributors might not be able to sell medicine directly to consumers. Please consult with Sun Ten distributors regarding qualified TCM channels to purchase Sun Ten TCM products. You can contact with our distributor near your country to purchase Sun Ten products.
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Why the same Sun Ten products have different labeling in Taiwan and other countries?

If customers have purchased the same Sun Ten TCM granules product, different labeling on the same item could be found. It is because every country has different regulation on labeling. For example, Taiwan authorities require showing ingredient raw herb content of the formula, whereas Malaysia authorities require showing ingredient concentrate content of the formula. That's the reason that customer may find differences on labeling. Sun Ten follows each countries regulation on labeling for each formula.

What is the material of Sun Ten TCM yellow bottle?
The yellow bottle Sun Ten uses is made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and the cap is made from polypropylene (PP). Both environmental friendly material could be recycled. Sun Ten not only cares about herb quality and authenticity, but also about environment protection.
Why TCM granules become clumping?
TCM granules are convenience and easily to take. However, due to raw herb ingredients, some herbal granules would be lumpy if exposed to moisture environment. For example, Gou Qi, due to its high saccharinity, the granules would be easily clumping influenced by its exposure to heat and moisture. Normally, clumping does not affect granules efficacy. However, it is highly suggested to use the granules as soon as possible once bottle opened, pay attention to fasten the cap all the time, and to keep the dryness of the utensil. For best results, your TCM container should be stored away from all sources of heat or moisture.
How do I take my herbal powders?

There are recommendations from different practitioners on how many grams to take daily. And take concentrated herbal powder with luke warm water. Some practitioners recommend mixed powder and water together, and drink the mud-like liquids for best absorption. Some people just ingest powder directly first, and then drink appropriate amount of water they need.