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Dr. Hsu was born in central Taiwan. He earned his Ph.D. in Pharmacy from Kyoto University, Japan in 1955. After returning home, Dr. Hsu was appointed as director of the Food and Drug Control Board of Taiwan Health Department, and has been a professor of pharmacy at many universities.

Dr. Hsu devoted his whole life to research and modernization of Chinese herbal extracts. He published more than 255 articles in scholarly journals, 36 TCM related books in Chinese and 23 books in English. Dr. Hsu's dedication and pioneering spirit have earned him the reputation as the "Father of Scientific Chinese Herbal Medicine in Taiwan".

Honorary Chairman: Dr. Chau-Shin Hsu

Dr. Chau-shin earned his Ph.D. in Pharmaceutical Science from Tokyo College of Pharmacy. He has been elected as the Chairman of Sun Ten since 1989. He is determined to continue Dr. Hong-yen Hsu's legacy. He and the management team are braving new challenges and spearheading scientific Chinese herbal extracts into the nutraceutical and biotech era.

President: Dr. Wu-Chang Chuang

Dr. Chuang obtained his Ph. D from National Taiwan Normal University Department of 1996. He is an expert in the field of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Chinese community.Dr Chuang has joined Sun Ten group and contributed for more than 18 years, leading R&D, quality assurance, and production technical team. With his professional academic background and innovative spirit, he has establish CMC (Chemistry, Manufacturing and Control) quality control technique, TCM laboratories certificated by ISO 17025, professional TCM sourcing team and world only g/BRM botanical reference material product for TCM industry.

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