SUN TEN just held a captivating lecture entitled

Dr. Chuang, the Director of Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Company, delivered a captivating lecture entitled "Clinical Applications and Sustainable Resources of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Formulations" in Zurich, Switzerland. The event garnered significant attention from professionals across Europe, including local practitioners, medical researchers, and esteemed representatives from the field of herbal medicine. 
The lecture commenced with a comprehensive overview of the development of TCM formulations, emphasizing their extensive histories steeped in experience and their substantial contributions to modern healthcare. Dr. Chuang further elucidated Taiwan's successful implementation of TCM formulations during the pandemic. Subsequently, the discussion revolved around addressing post-COVID symptoms, encompassing fatigue alleviation, immunity enhancement, and overall healthcare promotion.
We are delighted to note that the lecture thoroughly addressed pertinent issues associated with medicinal herb supply and resource sustainability. Attendees expressed their satisfaction in learning about our concerted efforts in cultivating medicinal materials, such as dendrobium, ginger, mulberry, honeysuckle, Echinacea, and hibiscus, and forging collaborations with farmers, and partnering with ecological conservation group to safeguard the natural environment's sustainability. We firmly believe that only through the collective endeavors of all involved parties can we actualize a healthier future. 


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