Discovering Taiwan’s Best Chinese Medicinal Food Cuisine! 美國人來台灣闖中藥園秘境又嘗遍中藥美食?!

Question. What's the picture in your mind about Chinese medicinal foods? Sounds pretty odd and tastes earthy, but this video could definitely change your mind! Let's follow Logan again! And this time, we just not only eat but also visit a mystery place where Chinese medicinal herbs grow in local Taiwan.

小貝和來自美國的中醫 Greg 去台灣中部吃各種中藥料理:藥膳湯,石斛凍飲,金斛紅玉茶,薑黃麵和薑母鴨。 除此之外,小貝還和 Greg 去參觀順天堂位於南投的有機石斛生態園區!來看看順天堂如何在台灣當地培育寶貴的有機石斛吧!

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