New Launched Product - All Mightea 順天平安茶

Newly Launched Sun Ten Product - All Mightea 順天平安茶

The world is facing COVID-19. So, we want to share a wonderful tea that once helped to safeguard the people of Taiwan during the SARS epidemic. We believe this tea will offer safety and peace to the people of the world, so we affectionately call it “All Mightea!”

近日全球面臨新型冠狀病毒大流行,順天堂有一款很棒的平安茶,曾在SARS期間起到很好的免疫保護作用,希望在10多年後的今天也能幫助世界各地的各位,一同平安渡過此期間,祝福各位平安、健康、順心 ! 


Sun Ten All Mightea 順天平安茶

Upgrade Defense Power : Houttuynia, Honeysuckle Flower, Pueraria 升防禦 : 魚腥草, 金銀花,野葛

Upgrade Immune System : Astragalus, Platycodon, Licorice 調體質 : 黃耆,桔梗,甘草

Facilitate Digestion : Pogostemon, Citrus Peel 助消化 : (廣)藿香,陳皮


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