Our brand new official Facebook fan page has launched !


We are pleased to announce that our Facebook fan page has officially launched. We hope you will enjoy it and find the latest information you need from SUN TEN.

Two ways to find Sun Ten at Facebook :

1.      Click :  https://www.facebook.com/suntenglobal/

2.      Search “ SUN TEN ” on Facebook, and you ’ll see the picture as below



Thank you for your support and hope you will enjoy !


順天堂藥廠英文版的Facebook粉絲頁已經正式上線! 熱烈歡迎大家登入Facebook參觀,按讚並追蹤我們! 順天堂外貿部會即時更新最新消息,以使各位獲得第一手的中醫藥專業資訊!


1.      Facebook 連結 :  https://www.facebook.com/suntenglobal/

2.      登入Facebook後,搜尋欄位輸入SUN TEN, 您可搜尋到以下圖示



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