Sun Ten Welcomes New Sole Distribution Partner in Macau 2017.3.31

因應澳門市場的蓬勃發展及有效整合順天堂全系列產品的市場經營,順天堂於2017年3月1日與澳門的美康行簽署順天堂科藥產品的獨家經銷合約。美康行與目前非處方藥 (OTC)產品的經銷商冠華行一樣隸屬於檀銀集團有限公司旗下,業務包括藥房、中藥房、診所、以及醫院。相信藉由同集團的市場經營策略,更可帶動順天堂產品於澳門市場經營與客戶服務雙贏的發展。

Sun Ten Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. is pleased to introduce the newest sole Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) distributor in Macau. Our new distributor FIRMA AGÊNCIA MEI HONG, with a wealth experience in TCM clinics, pharmacies, hospitals and the trade industries, begins to provide the full range of TCM products from March 1st 2017. Working together with the current Over-The-Counter (OTC) distributor-AHKW Hong, both are affiliated with AHCT GROUP, we believe the local customers can enjoy a more complete and smooth service from Sun Ten through the strategic group distribution networking of both distributors.

Traditional Chinese Medicine 

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