SUN TEN Quarterly Newsletter SUMMER 2009


Treatment of Functional Gastrointestinal Disorder
in Chinese Medicine 

  •       Pathological Mechanism
  •       Diagnosis around Grouping

             -  Grouping In Modern Medicine

             -  Grouping In Chinese Medicine

  •       Treatment in Chinese Medicine
  •       Discussion

Sourcing for Safe and High Quality Raw Herb

  •       Commonly misused herb: Niu Xi
  •       Herbs that are free of Aristolochic acid
  •       Herbs contaminated with heavy metals: Hong Hua
  •       Improper fumigation with sulfur dioxide: Gou Qi Zi
  •       Herbs likely to be contaminated with aflatoxin: Huang Qi, Yi Yi Ren, Shan Zha,  etc¡K


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