Nutritional Supplements: The Key to Surviving Hazards of Urban Living

Nutritional Supplements: The Key to Surviving Hazards of Urban Living


Urbanization pushes people to live stressful and demanding lifestyles. People often don’t notice this kind of lifestyle can take its toll on our health.


Living a stressful lifestyle can lead to serious and life-threatening diseases, according to Dr. Trinidad Trinidad, the nutritionist from the Food and Nutrition Research Institute of the Department of Science and Technology.


Stress should not be disregarded or dismissed as something normal or ordinary because chronic stress can cause diabetes mellitus, cardiovascular diseases and even some types of cancer. The cost of health care is very high. That is why we have to think of preventive steps against these chronic diseases,” said Dr. Trinidad.


Not only causing these severe diseases, stress can also lead to several health hazards such as nutritional deficiency, sleeping problems, high cholesterol, lack of concentration and poor memory.


Dr. Trinidad said that if food requirements can’t be met, there are available dietary supplements that can enhance one’s diet and improve one’s health.


One of the dietary supplements being widely used in the medical field today is ginseng. It has been proven to increase energy level,boost one’s immune system, act as an antioxidant, and enhance mental performance.


According to Dr. Trinidad, many studies have shown that ginseng, especially when combined with multivitamins and minerals, can yield much superior results. The combination has shown to decrease fatigue and stress, improve alertness, enhance quality of relaxation and improve work performance even among healthy graveyard shifters.



Source: Malaya Business Insight


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