The Situation of the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act


The Situation of the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act


According to US Senator Dick Durbin’s office, the bill would send the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to conclude ”established dishes”, need manufacturers to:


1.       Direct the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to establish a definition for "conventional foods."

2.       Require supplement labels to disclose known risks of ingredients and to display a mandatory warning if the product contains a dietary ingredient that may cause potentially serious adverse events.

3.       Require manufacturers to register dietary supplement products with FDA, and provide a description of each dietary supplement, a list of ingredients, and a copy of the label.

4.       Require supplement labels to include a batch number.


In the Unities States, herbal extract and herbal supplement are categorized as dietary supplement, and no product registration is needed.


In Taiwan, Chinese herbal extracts are categorized as medicine (Chinese medicine), and products are required processing under Chinese medicine registration.  Chinese herbal extracts can only be sold after approved by Taiwan health authority. 


Sun Ten is the only herbal extract manufacture in Taiwan to receive PIC/s GMP certification from Australia, which means it can continually provide safe, consistent and efficacious herbal extract/herbal supplement.


See what NPA and AHPA said?

NPA calls on members to oppose Dietary Supplement Labeling Act

The Natural Products Association on Thursday launched a grassroots campaign to oppose the Dietary Supplement Labeling Act, recently introduced in Congress by Sen. Richard Durbin, D-Ill., and is urging its more than 1,900 members to ask their legislators to oppose the legislation by sending them a letter at”


It may appear that this proposal has an uphill climb in this Congress, but it is important that we do not let bad bills get any traction," Gay added. "If we do not make our position known, we could find ourselves facing a bill with 30 co-sponsors.”


American Herbal Products Association (AHPA)

Michael McGuffin, the president of the American Herbal Products Association (AHPA) described the bill as “largely propose legislative solutions where what is needed is regulatory enforcement”.


Supplements may not be represented as conventional foods and must be labeled to include all information--including safety information--that is material in light of the consequences that may result from their use. And while no one will argue with the wisdom of using product lot numbers, it is already the standard industry practice to do so."


AHPA is in communication with Sen. Durbin's office, and I will be reviewing the actual legislation as soon as it is available," added McGuffin.







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