Review: Alternative Medicine in Chronic Degenerative Diseases


Alternative Medicine and Molecular Mechanisms in

Chronic Degenerative Diseases


Alma Lorena López Velazquez, María de la Luz Miranda Beltrán, Arturo Panduro, Luis Huacuja Ruiz



Knowledge of healing plants worldwide properties it has-been extensively studied by their biological activities. The increasing number of plant users for healthcare originated the Research Center in Complementary Alternative Medicine, National Institute of Health (NIH) whose primary function is to be alert with a strictly scientific sense about de use of plants as main source of Complementary Alternative Medicine. It is currently about the synergy known that Is achieved on the hepatoprotective, antioxidant and hypoglycaemic activities with mixtures formed by selected plants and combined. These plants are characterized by their content of hidroxyphenolic compounds as cynarin, rosmarinic acid, flavonoids silybin and among others. Actually this kind of herbal preparations are investigated in patients with cirrhosis, type II diabetes mellitus, breast cancer and arthritis diseases. Patients with Chronic Degenerative Diseases are in state of stress and Its metabolism produces free radicals such as superoxide ºO2, hydroxyl ºOH and peroxynitrite highly reactive with unsaturated fatty acids of cell membranes producing lipid peroxidation. The main product of this process is the peroxyl, that when it’s reduced forms hydroxiperoxyle its decomposition forms MDA and 4-hidroxialquenal. These substances bind to R-SH2 of the aminoacids of the proteins and to the thymine of DNA, altering their biological function. Before the treatments with selected and micropulverized plants to patients, it is necessary and required in animal models demonstrate that plants do not produce toxic effects. Using mixtures of plants micropulverized is good choice because these microparticles behave as micro-releasing their constituents with increased activity and bioavailability to target cells so it will be possible to achieve greater power to control their activity and perhaps cure the disease, and provide patients an effective herbal medicine safe, free of toxic effects and low cost.



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1.              Introduction

2.              Molecular Mechanisms of Medicine in Multifactorial Diseases

3.              Oxidative Stress

4.              Discussion

5.              Conclusions

6.              References


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